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A&Y I & II Salt Spring IslandAnnamaya Kosa; Patanjali states pratyaksa (direct experience) is the path to knowledge. We will review joints, muscles, and connective tissue and build on your assessment skills. Learn/review the application of anatomical terms like prime mover, synergist and antagonist, and reciprocal inhibition theory as it applies to yoga and functional movement. This workshop will enhance your assessment skills; identify and correct common imbalances and directly apply this knowledge in your MT practice or yoga classes. This is an evidence-informed course, together we will review studies and you’ll learn how to apply them to your MT practice. Extensive handouts, PowerPoint tools, and hands-on. We will be doing plenty of yoga to let the intelligence of the mind learn kinetically. No prior yoga experience is required.

  1. Lower body, Foundation poses
  2. Pelvic Girdle & Hip Openers
  3. Supple spine, Backbends & twists
  4. Shoulder girdle & Inversions

Total: 14 hours


  • August 13th & 14th, 2022
  • 9 AM to 4:30 PM both Saturday & Sunday


  • Lions Club Of Salt Spring Island Hart Bradley Hall


  • $580 before June 1st, 2022 or cost is $620 if received after June 1st

Any PHO mandates in place will be followed.

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