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Sadhana Yoga | Private Yoga Session Booking

Three prepaid private one-on-one online yoga lessons.  Lessons include a recording of each session, a written plan, and follow-up support.


You would like to start up a yoga program but don’t have time for a class. Maybe you don’t prefer groups? Live-stream private lessons at a time convenient for you. Beginners through advanced.

Healthy Backs

There is plenty of evidence to support the incorporation of yoga into a program intended to reduce chronic back pain. We will utilize evidence-based back care protocols. You will be given a tailored program and ongoing support in either a specialized class or private sessions.


  • Improve, posture, strength, and flexibility
  • Reduce pain from chronic conditions
  • Get moving with Gentle yoga

Chronic Pain and Injury

  • Post injury or surgical rehabilitation incorporating yoga. Alignment based yoga will help you recover strength and balance.
  • Evidence strongly suggests yoga can benefit those with chronic pain syndromes.


Improve your athletic edge by incorporating yoga into your training. Evidence shows it does not make sense to stretch before an athletic activity and could even increase the risk of injury. But maintaining an optimum range of movement may increase your stride and power. Muscles that are balanced to suit your activity will serve you best. Yoga builds strength, stability, and stealth and may provide the edge your routine needs.