One day bliss will come. Fr. Joe would begin our 6:30 am yoga practice chanting this Sanskrit verse. Yes, bliss felt near for the eleven in our group. From January 18th to 25th we stayed at Kripa Goa in Anjuna. One of Fr. Joe’s main addiction recovery centres. My wish was to bring a yoga group to see just what Kripa is and does. Our immersion into the Kripa family was complete, culminating in a shared evening of revelry through song and dance, with Kripa residents. And five hours of daily yoga led by Fr. Joe. Many of us also participated in the daily medical classes. Perhaps due to place, more than ever Father wove the applications to addiction recovery into our yoga study. Discussing the “axis of ego” and the significance of descending the agna chakra of the third eye towards the anahata heart chakra to sublimate ego. The ego can fool the mind but not the heart. We all left Anjuna, the markets, beaches and Kripa feeling we had tasted the bliss samskara.

Inside RIMYIInside RIMYI
Kripa Centre - Leigh PoseKripa Centre - Leigh Pose
Boats on the BeachBoats on the Beach

Onwards to Pune and RIMYI for me for six weeks of intense yoga study with the Iyengar’s. Today was the first day of classes and I was so blessed to have Geeta Iyengar focus on me in Virabhadrasana I – my nemesis pose! I was front and centre as she worked with my stance and hips while 150 people watched. Years ago I had a teacher tell me she needed five hands to work with me in Vira I.Today I had three pairs of hands sculpting me and two were Geeta’s. Geeta taught the earth element in the back heal bone and said the back heal is samadhi in this pose. As Prashant explained this morning samadhi is realization, not obtainment. Ah yes, realization in the earth element by driving the back heal into the earth with a little help from six hands.

Afterwards people made very kind comments to me, like how I inspired them and how it helped them with their own pose. I was told how well I connected with Geeta and how positive it was to observe her love and my openness to receiving. For me, my pose felt all over the place and I was feeling a bit desperate that this pose so complelety eludes me but feeling grounded in the love and the moment even more. After all, although there is great depth and beauty to be found in the pose the practice is for the mind, the heart and the soul and today Geeta made a new samskara, an imprint, on my practice. Not just on my femur bone but on my ability to stay present and to receive. Testing head on my intention to arrive an empty vessel ready to be filled by her teaching. It’s like she had read my last blog entry.   :)

An auspicious beginning.

With gratitude,


Hari Om, Leigh