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Forward Bend Bliss

Cooling and calming, forward bends are introduced at the beginner level. For beginner students forward bends can seem approachable because for one, they are not particularly scary. However forward bends can cause or irritate an intervertebral disc injury, reduce circulation to the lower body and bring on a depressed mind state. As teachers, forward bends, especially seated forward bends, require [...]

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Your Teacher Needn’t be Enlightened to be Your Guru

Would we recognize an enlightened being if we met one? We have ideas of what an enlightened being would be like. A serene, sexually ambiguous and benevolent master floating above a lotus flower, perhaps like Lord Brahma in his infant form arising from Lord Vishnu’s navel. He opens those big as a jersey cow’s innocent baby eyes and creates [...]

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One Day Sat Citta Ananda

One day bliss will come. Fr. Joe would begin our 6:30 am yoga practice chanting this Sanskrit verse. Yes, bliss felt near for the eleven in our group. From January 18th to 25th we stayed at Kripa Goa in Anjuna. One of Fr. Joe's main addiction recovery centres. My wish was to bring a yoga group to see just [...]

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Atha Yoganusasanam: Now the Yoga Journey Begins (Anew)

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali the first Sutra states roughly “Now the study of yoga begins” The operative word being now. As we read further into this book and begin to grasp the meditative aspect of yoga we realize it is always and only now. And this understanding is essential to the study of yoga. This upcoming trip [...]

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